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Welcome to Graceland of Virginia.
Graceland of Virgina was founded on one simple idea, that our customers deserve better. If you've ever rented one of those "Mini-storage" units or tried to assemble a rinky-dink shed from one of those big box stores, then you know what I'm talking about.
"Mini-storage" is great.... for the storage company. But what about for you? At a "mini-storage" facility, you're forced to cram all of your belongings into the back of a truck and haul them half way across town. Then, you have to move everything a second time, just to get it from the truck into the unit. But, that's not where the work stops. Every time you want to access your valuables, you're stuck having to get into your car and commute back and forth to the storage facility. That's crazy AND it's not even the worst part!

Remember that rental agreement you had to sign? Well, guess what... If you ever forget or have trouble making your monthly payments, that rental agreement gives the "mini-storage" facility the power to sell your belongings to the highest bidder. Don't let your possessions become a storage war casualty.
Having your own Storage Shed or Utility Building is a much better alternative to renting from a "Mini-storage" facility. First, it allows you to keep your valuables close to home. You can also access your own building 24-hours a day. But, don't get suckered into buying one of those flimsy plastic or metal buildings from the big box stores. Sure, the building was on sale, but you get what you pay for. Those things are made from some of the cheapest materials imaginable and the "do-it-yourself" instructions are usually worse. The end result is just a cheaply made building that won't last.
That's where Graceland of Virginia can help.
First and foremost, our Portable Buildings are made to last. They're built right here in America, using quality materials every time. We deliver your Portable Building for free (up to 50 miles), and we back everything up with an exceptional warranty. 
We also understand that not everyone can afford to shell out money for a new building. That is why we offer our Rent-to-Own program. This allows our customers to choose the building they want, without having to skimp on features or options. Monthly payments are kept low. And once you've made your required number of payments, you OWN your Portable Building free and clear.
We also offer the flexibility of a free pick-up service. If you ever have trouble making your payments or you simply no longer need your Portable Building, give us a call. We'll come pick it up, No Questions Asked. And no, we don't auction off your belongings. We'll just shake your hand and hope that you keep us in mind, should you ever need another Portable Building in the future.
It really is the best of both worlds. With Graceland of Virginia, you get the convenience of having your own Portable Building. And, with our Rent-to-Own program, you get a payment plan that rivals the cost of most "Mini-storage" options.
Call Graceland of Virginia today and let us exceed your expectations with Self Storage that you can count on.
Karen L. Baker

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